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A City & Shipyard Guide

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Welcome, crew, to Turquoise Yachts and the beautiful city of Istanbul! We’ve put together a little guide to help you settle in. If at any point during your stay here you have questions, feel free to reach out to any one of the contact persons detailed below.

Ecem Sari (Marketing Responsible)

+90 (549) 794 7586

Dr. Tayfun Serin (Shipyard Doctor)

+90 537 (475) 6304

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Welcome to the city where Europe meets Asia, the crossing of two worlds with an incredibly rich maritime history. Whether you find yourself wandering the UNESCO world heritage sites of Fatih, the high-end shops in Bebek, or local spots right here in Pendik, there’s something for everybody in Istanbul.


Legend tells us that the city of Byzantium was founded on the land in which you now step, around 667 BC by a group of colonists from Megara, northwest of Athens. The new colony quickly prospered, largely due to its ability to levy tolls and harbour fees on ships passing through the Bosphorus, then as now an important waterway. 

Over the next hundreds of years, the city traded hands, to the Persians at first, then the Athenians, and following them the Romans. As the capital of the Roman empire, Constantinople prospered as a city before eventually succumbing to economic downturn and coming to rest in the hands of the Ottoman Empire, the predecessor to the Turkish Republic. From here - an empire was born and rapidly became one of the most successful maritime nations to ever exist.

Today, Istanbul is globally a top economic, touristic and residential  hub. Welcome, crew, to the city that never sleeps.

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Istanbul can be roughly divided into shopping, residential, commercial and touristic districts, with the lines between the three very often blending heavily. The city is divided between a European Side and an Asian side by the Bosphorus strait running through the middle.

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Generally speaking, the historic peninsula of Sultanahmet, Fatih & Eminönü are heavily touristic, home to classic sights like Topkapı Palace, the Blue Mosque, and the Grand Bazaar. This area is located on the south of the European side of the city.


Levent & Maslak neighbourhoods, located northwards on the European side, are the heart of Istanbul’s commerce district, being home to financial centers, office complexes, and high-end malls.


The Anatolian side of the city is generally more residential, with sprawling neighbourhoods like Üsküdar, Moda, and Kadıköy where it’s not unlikely to see a 300 year old wooden mansion on the same street as a modern tower of flats.


Finally, newer districts like Atasehir and modernized historic districts like Galata are home to some of the most comprehensive shopping opportunities in the world.


During your stay, your two most frequently used methods of public transport will likely be car & taxi. Beyond this however, Istanbul has a great public transport network. To use almost all of them, you will need an IstanbulCard as a payment system. You can pick one up from subway stations and municipal kiosks. To see various public transport routes to get you to your destination, you may want to use an app like Trafi (

Main public transport options include:

  • Metro & Other Railroad: One of the best ways to get almost anywhere, payment is by Istanbul card. The metro is an efficient way to get to most major destinations in the city. The closest station to the shipyard is just across the road and is named Tersane. You can find the full routes map available here.

  • Bus: Payment by Istanbul card. Goes almost everywhere in the city but can be slow and crowded.

  • Dolmush: Payment by cash. These minibus-taxi hybrids are yellow vans that run along pre-defined routes and can be flagged down. 

  • Ferry: Payment by IstanbulCard. Runs regularly between the European and Asian side from most coastal districts.

Getting Around

Around Turkey in 35 Seconds

Click on "Weekend Trips" in the menu for advice on some great places to see outside of Istanbul borders. Or - watch this 35 second video to get a general idea of the diverse experiences available!

Around Turkey in 35 Seconds


The currency of the Republic of Turkey is the Turkish Lira, where each Lira is divided into 100 "kurush". You can exchange your foreign currency for the Lira at any number of exchanges ("döviz bürosu") near the shipyard. Click the button below to see a list of exchanges.

Stacks of Coins
Currency and Money


Here are a number of apps that you may want to have on your phone to make your life easier


An app for delivery of full meals from restaurants.


During the COVID outbreak, the Turkish government has instituted mandatory HES (Hayat Eve Sıgar) codes for entry into certain places like malls and hotels. You can download the HES app to obtain your code in a few clicks.


Getir is a delivery app for groceries, food, and some other items. Good for quick delivery of small items.



Uber for Yellow Cabs.


Cheaper option than taxis and generally more English-speaking drivers.



One of the biggest e-commerce sites in Turkey, from second hand selling of phones to real estate.


Includes public transport routes in Istanbul and most public places. We recommend downloading a map of Istanbul for offline use.

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Turkish food still carries centuries of legacy and the fusion of cultures. Dominant ingredients include red meats, earthy vegetables such as aubergine and courgettes, and a healthy amount of spices.


In Istanbul, it’s possible to find all sorts of cuisine restaurants, from Italian high-end dining to far-east Asian and of course, the ever sought-after Turkish kebab in a variety of forms.


We urge you to be adventurous and to explore the city through its cuisines, one of the best ways to get to know a people whom we’re confident you'll find to be welcoming, hospitable, and kind.

Let's make it easy for you - Here's a checklist of foods to try before you leave:


Main meals: Adana Kebab, Doner Durum, Iskender, Mantı, Kagıtta Levrek, Paçanga, Yaprak Sarma

Vegetarian meals: Etsiz Çig Köfte, Mucver, Saksuka, Kurufasulye Pilav, Borek

Desserts: Baklava, Sütlü Nuriye, Sütlaç, Künefe, Kadayıf, Lokum

Breakfast: Serpme Kahvaltı (Assorted Turkish Breakfast)

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Take a look at some videos from our past launches!

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All Videos

All Videos

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The good friendship that you find when you work with Turquoise is an important quality, and it makes things easier!

Alessandro Nazareth

Valicelli Yacht Design

I love building in Turkey, where the workers are extremely resourceful and think out of the box!

Richard Masters

Master Yachts Consultancy

The team is extremely passionate, many times I find them putting in hours late into the night.

Mohammed Barwani

Chairman, MB Holding


Here are some places that may be useful for you within the vicinity of the shipyard, Pendik area.


Johns Hopkins Hospital, under the name Anadolu Saglık Merkezi,  is located approx. 10 minutes away by car, within the borders of Gebze city.  For minor injuries or discomforts, you may also choose to consult with the Shipyard doctor, conveniently located near the entrance. Phone number: +90 444 42 76


Neomarin Pharmacy is located within the walking-distance shopping mall Neomarin.


Dry Service Kartal is a nearby service that will come pick your laundry up and return it having been cleaned. Available at below website or at +90 (216) 451-6451


Neomarin is the nearest shopping center and is a short walk from the shipyard entrance. Viaport is an outlet mall home to designer brands, around 15 minutes by car. More high end shopping can be found at Akasya mall on the Asian side of the city or Zorlu Centre and İstinyePark on the European side.


A number of hotels nearby have gyms available for use. The Green Park Pendik Hotel & Convention Center is a local favourite. For outdoor exercise and jogging, Pendik Dr. Tahsin Arcen Park is a great nearby alternative.


While it is impossible to exhaustively list all of the great places to eat, here are some close-by favourites of Turquoise employees: Tuzla Balıkçısı (Fish & Seafood), Esentepe Köftecisi (Meatballs), Uzun Yayla Döner (Doner & homemade food), Dönerci Kenan Usta (Higher end Doner & homemade food), Komagene (Vegetarian Fastfood), Gazi Burma (Dessert Shop)


The nearest airport to the shipyard (around 10 minutes drive) is named Sabiha Gökçen (Code: SAW) and is available for both commercial and private aviation. Further afield on the European side of the city are two airports: Istanbul Airport (Code: IST) and Ataturk Airport  (Code: ISL)


One of the most comprehensive marine gear stores in town is Eastmarine ( located 20 minutes west of the shipyard and available for shopping online. If you are in a hurry, try Bizim Liman, a 4 minute drive from Turquoise.

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Shipyard Location
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Turquoise Yachts is located within the Istanbul city borders, in the neighbourhood of Pendik. The address for the shipyard is as follows:

Turquoise Yat Sanayi

Güzelyalı Mah. Malkoçoğlu Sokak No: 3/1

34903 Pendik - Istanbul / TURKEY

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